Digital Tag – EChalk Overview

  • DigitalTag Echak end-to-end Sophisticated application which supports the scheduling, capture, managing, encoding and delivery of educational audio and video content.

  • DigtialTag Is the first Andhra Pradesh company to deliver the advantages of using the unique combination of scheduling, capture, managing, encoding and delivery and a SaaS-based web content management system.

  • Every day, more and more schools, colleges and universities are turning to digital signage to inform, educate and alert the campuses.

  • Student can able to view the real whole Classroom Experience from Web and all media types

EChalk Overview

Digital Tag – EChalk Features:

  • Echalk Capture client automatically record audio, video and VGA signal.

  • Web-based media control media management Administration tools to manage recordings like encoding videos, preview image generation, trimming and captioning.

  • Echalk media Player have Two-screen media player segmentation, so that the end user ( student) can view the professor and slides at the same time.

  • Automated class room course capture based on schedule from admin interface

  • Simultaneous/synchronous Multiple inputs like capture, e.g. a video and audio of the lecturer and VGA signal from the lecturer’s computer.

  • Manual and automatic start, stop and pause of the recordings.

  • Rich media interface for learners

DigitalTag – Class Room Architecture


DigitalTag – EChalk Kit

  • The DigitalTag EChak suite, for example, includes CourseEchalk Recorder, CourseEchalk Editor, and CourseEchalk Server.

  • HD-USB ceiling camera

  • Echak Capture Client Unit

  • Wireless microphone

  • VGA Splitters

  • VGA2USB frame grabbers

  • Capture hardware ( dell or another one)

  • Wireless Mics

  • Audio System


EChalk – Deployment Scenario


Digital Tag – EChalk Advantages:

  • Best alternative when students miss class

  • Opportunity for content review, particularly when complex topics are introduced / detailed procedures are performed

  • Content for online course development.

  • Can review the lecture, or part of a lecture, afterwards, or in preparation for assessments

  • Distributed (in time or distance) learners can listen to lecture or session

  • Can catch up on a lecture they missed. Students can optimize the use of their time

  • Can critique their own classroom technique by reviewing the capture lectures

  • Can include recorded lecture elements in a teaching portfolio

  • Can re-use content at their discretion—subsequent classes can view a special lecture that can’t be recreated; due to an instructor illness or absence, a similar lecture might be used from a previous class.

  • Ability for teachers to create online learning resources.

  • Recording to provide video on demand resources for learning

  • Keep students on the move learning experience

  • Learn, Grow, Communicate, and Collaborate and more

  • Record a guest lecturer for future use.

  • The service is very easy to use for instructors.

  • Avoid papers and save trees

Practical Installation

Digital Tag Installation