DigitalTag can be an effective tool for businesses, but understanding what features are right for a specific digital signage system is key to getting the most out of the technology. First, the purpose of the digital signage system must be clearly defined. Once the purpose is determined, decide what features will make the digital signage system most effective. Some popular features include:

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Emergency message triggering
  • Sophisticated scheduling options
  • Full preview capability: see exactly what your display will look like before you deploy it
  • Support for all standard content types
  • Built-in interactivity
  • Advanced data integration
  • Web-based content control
  • Media management
  • Scalable: single- or multi-tier setup, as many players as you want
  • Innovative mapping and wayfinding
  • User and group security, including Active Directory integration

Creating a digital signage system involves building a network of electronic devices that are controlled remotely from a central location. These devices present information via digital signage software to a targeted audience. DigitalTag devices in the network may be plasma or LCD monitors, kiosks, projection displays, HDTVs or other electronic devices.

The Complete Digital Signage System

  • All-inclusive system – nothing extra needed to control your network
  • Web-based Portal – control your signage network conveniently from your browser

    100% SaaS-based platform – fits your needs precisely; no servers or software to purchase

Digital Signage, Simplified

  • Easy to use, visual user interface with video training – get started quickly and learn on the go
  • Drag-and-drop playlist management – makes complex programming tasks easy
  • Intelligent playlist scheduling – reduces redundant tasks; simplifies playlist programming

Viewer Relevance, Automated

  • Automated “relevance” with dynamic media – reduces per-display playlist creation
  • Enhanced media services – news, weather, media-moments, feeds, dynamic flash
  • Supports popular media formats – use your existing Videos, Flash, Images, RSS, Powerpoint

Your Future, Under Control

  • Automatic system enhancements – no-charge, ongoing feature and support upgrades
  • Detailed reporting and audit logs – know exactly what asset played where, and when
  • Private branding and labeling solutions available – promote this solution as your own
  • Extensible and flexible architecture – integrate with external data sources and applications

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